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training + prediction + scoring = smarter decisions

About pytho.

At pytho, we help you harness and maximize the analytical power of your organization. After years of working on the science and practice of forecasting, pytho's cofounders now deliver better foresight skills and tools to the private and public sectors.


Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence have extended our toolbox, but humans still call

the shots. We train people to become sharper  through diagnostic and assistive methods and techniques.


Pytho trains and makes tools to help improve how to decide and predict

We've developed proprietary tools – like neuerTM and we design custom software to collect, analyze, quantify and boost the thinking and predictions that underlie your organization’s most critical decisions. Our professional experience and track record in intelligence analysis;  government; media; telecoms; entertainment and intellectual property; energy; health care; and finance helps us understand and address a wide variety of industry sector challenges. 

About Pytho
Products & Services

Research & Products

We have a consistently winning track record in federally-funded research on behavioral data science, decision science and prediction in both the US and Europe, spanning a decade and worth more than $100M. Our research range is broad including cybersecurity, geopolitics, and life sciences. Since 2019 alone, we have received 2 National Science Foundation awards to conduct a groundbreaking study on human versus artificial intelligence in predicting biomedical advances. Our work put us in first place, as either Superforecaster or research team performers, in three consecutive competitive Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) programs since 2011.


Our software and tools are grounded in our proven research results. They include our patented neuerTM  decision tool, a bias-sensitive crowd-sourced analytic technique; our forecasting platform; and our latest information scaffold tool called Human Forest (patent pending). Our work also is the basis of our training programs, including the ARETE Prediction Bootcamp.

We also provide clients with custom tool options. 


  • Training. Our training modules help people hone their ability to find, verify and process information better. The result? More accurate predictions and better decisions. This permits decision-makers to generate well-reasoned choices with less bias and noise.

  • Prediction tournaments. We make it easy to distill the wisdom of crowds inside and outside your organization.

  • Augmented decisions. We develop novel interfaces between humans and machines to harness the combined power of human and artificial intelligence.

Our Work


Superforecaster Regina Joseph


is a political scientist, systems designer and creative director with a record of award-winning technical products & platforms. Her analytical work assists governments and multinational organizations. Her corporate work spans the world, from Sony to Hearst to Liberty Global. Her entrepreneurial work consists of such technical advances as the creation of Blender, the world's first digital magazine. Joseph is a top-ranked GJP Superforecaster; her research in prediction & decision-making has delivered patents, platforms & cognitive training protocols in prediction and analysis. Her training programs are official curriculum coursework for European governments. Joseph is a published author; her work has appeared in outlets including The New York Times, Forbes and Reuters, as well as in academic journals. 


is a decision scientist with a product-development bent. As a post-doctoral scholar with the Good Judgment Project, he designed and evaluated technologies for improving predictions. These include cognitive training, forecast elicitation, skill assessment and statistical aggregation. His recent work has focused on the ways we update and bet on our beliefs. Pavel's research has appeared in academic and popular outlets such as Management Science and Scientific American. He has also worked on health economics and financial technology product management. Pavel holds a PhD in psychology & decision processes from the University of Pennsylvania. 


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